Beware of Links to Baidu on Skype Messages

Today when I logged into my skype account, I have received two messages from my friends which links to Baidu.Without clicking on that links, I have asked my friends “what is that message all about”, they said “those messages sent automatically without their knowledge”. So beware of these links to

baidu link skype

What happens If you click on Links to Baidu on Skype?

If you click on these skype messages which contain links to Baidu, the very next second onwards from your Skype account will be sent out Baidu links to all your contacts.

And also they may hack your computer by using these links.

How to Strengthen Your Skype Security?

Microsoft brought many changes to their customers, now everybody can manage their Skype, Office, Xbox, Mail, Surface and many other Microsoft services with a single account.

To strengthen your Skype account, you must upgrade your Skype account to a Microsoft account, which is very easy and can do only once.

Visit Microsoft account page and enter your Skype username and password and upgrade your account.

Now go to and click on more security options to help keep your account secure.

Strengthen Your Skype Security

And also enable two-step verification to your Skype account.

Do not use the same password on multiple sites, visit have I been pwned and verify whether your password has been leaked or not.Because in recent years there have been major data leaks where the login credentials of millions of customers have been exposed to the world.

Keep an Eye on Your Skype Recent Activity

Go to your Microsoft account and click on Privacy to check your activity history.

Skype Recent Activity History

There you can check all activities if any hacks happened, you can get to know easily from here and also you can create alerts to be notified of suspicious activity.

If you received any messages on skype with links to LinkedIn and Baidu do not click them and delete the mesage asap.

Also hsre this page with your friends if anybody come accross this issue.

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