Being a QA Lead, how do you handle a non-performing employee?

Do your best in a tough situation,

1. Don’t ignore the problem. Like a bad sore, if ignored too long – it can lower the morale and productivity of other employees.

2. Don’t make any assumptions.

3. Listen. Communication is the key – talk with the person in private & find out the real problem. There may be external, personal factors influencing their performance.

4. Keep it professional. Give clear, behavioral feedback. Coach the employee and lay out the plan together. Set consequences if things don’t change.

5. Help the problematic employee to get back on track.

6. Follow-up. It’s going to take time and ongoing help to change habits. Keep track of the performance in the specific feedback areas.

7. Encouragement is important. Praise and reward positive change.

8. Don’t poison the well. Respect confidentiality – Don’t trash talk to other employees. Just don’t do it.

9. If there isn’t improvement, take action. Formally act on continued underperformance – work through the company’s processes, if necessary.

10. Lead by example: When you are open, honest and working, employees are more likely to do the same.

And hope for the best!

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