How To Create Your Own Blog for Free using Blogger

You are looking to create your own blog for free. But you got stuck with where to start and how to start.

Here I will guide you how to create your own blog site for free by using If you are a beginner and to start a website for free, then blogger is the option for you.

Create Your Own Blog for Free

Having your own blog is great because you can share what you want. Once you are experienced enough on blogging, then  you can also earn decent money out of this.

Goggle is providing free blog platform for everyone. To start your own blog using blogger, you just need to have google account I mean gmail account.

You don’t worry, just follow below steps to create your own blog website.

Step by Step Guide to Create Your Own Blog on Blogger

To make your own blog on blogger, navigate to and login using your gmail account credentials, if you don’t have gmail account you can create for free on

Create Your Own Blog for Free on Blogger

Once you are logged into your account, click on “CREATE NEW BLOG”.

Now you need to do is add a title (name) and select domain. Which is related to your passion, what you gonna share on this blog.

Please avoid using your name as domain name, means address of the your blog and instead try using some generic name based on your passion.

blog name and address domain name

As your seeing in above image, you have to give your blog name in title section and blog address or domain name of your blog at address section. Once your are done with above two sections, click on “Create blog!”.

Make your own blog free on blogger

Now your blog is ready and you share anything on your blog. But before going to start blogging / sharing something on you blog, you need to some settings to make it easy and for better viewership.

Left had side you can see a link called “Pages”. It is always a good habit that create a page called “About”. Here you have to describe about who you are and what your blog about, so that the visitors of your blog will get an idea about your blog.

You have to change your blog template / theme, because the default one is not attractive.

To change the theme, click on theme on left side. Below is the screen shot image of changing the template.

change blogger theme

You can also customize your theme, by clicking on “Customize”. Here you can change everything regarding your blog like blog title, gadgets, background color, links, tabs text etc.

Now your blog ready and can start writing posts. All the very best.

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