Infosys Selenium Interview Questions

Infosys Selenium Interview Questions

Introduction to yourself?
The project you worked?
Automation Feasibility?
Why specifically you used POM class in your framework?
Uses of Tags in TestNG ?
The process flow in Agile(Scrum) ?
What all you cant test using Selenium WebDriver ?
How you will test image in Selenium?
What is a branch in and branch out in Git Hub?
What different application you tested as part of Integration testing?
How you decide whether you can test particular web page or not?
for what purposes you used JIRA?
What are contents of Test Plan? What is Risk?
What is the procedure you followed if a defect is deferred?

Infosys Selenium Interview Questions asked last month

1.Brief Description
2.How will you rate yourself in Selenium?
4.How will you handle pop-up?
5.Which framework you are using in your project & why.
6.How will you handle javascript pop-up?
7.How will you handle SSL issue
8.How will you take a screenshot.
9.How will you handle AJAX?Explain it with code.
10.Explain your framework.
11.What is STLC, Test Plan & Defect Life Cycle(Procedure to file a defect)
12.traceability matrix
13.Selenium Grid concepts with code?RC
14.Project Description
15.Diff between Implicitly Wait and Explicitly Wait
16. When will you stop testing
17.Thread 7 Synchronization in java

Recently asked Infosys Selenium Interview Questions

1)-What is traceability matrix(RTM).
2)-What are the matrices are followed in your organization.
3)-In short project description.
4)-What is negative test cases.
5)-Difference between smoke and sanity testing. explanation with example.
6)-Difference between test plan and test strategy. What are the parameters are present in the test plan document?
7)-Which testing model your organization is following(Asking the agile project management concept)
8)-Suppose your manager given the 200 requirements and asking to write a test case for the same. What is the time estimation to write the entire test case? Which test cases you prefer to write first(Negative or Positive test case)
9)-what is severity and priority with an example.
10)-How do you handle browser compatibility testing with selenium.
11)-Difference between RC and webdriver.
12)-What is SQL sub-query. Which one you prefer to write sub-query/Joins.
13)-How to generate the Log file in Linux Ubuntu operating system.
14)-What are the exception you faced in selenium. How to handle nosuchelementexception. Reason for it.
15)-How to handle dynamic elements.
16)-What are the API’s you are using.
17)-How to read the data from excel file.
18)-Passby value & pass by reference
19)-what is daemons theory?
20)-swapping of two numbers in java?
21)-Why multiple inheritance is not supported in java?
22)-to handle DropDown menu.a dropdown list without select.
23)-what would be your Long term and short-term goal.
24)-which one is more important from the client’s prospective, severity or priority.
25)-complex scenario of your application
26)-Defect management life cycle. what is the defect status in Bugzilla?

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