Top WordPress Plugins to Add Nofollow to External Links

These are some WordPress Plugins that help to add nofollow to external links on your blog or website. Here I have listed collection of some useful free WordPress plugins that add rel=”nofollow” to external links.

Free WordPress Plugins to Add Nofollow to External Links

Most of the times links to the external websites will be included in your blog posts and pages of your WordPress website. If you have a concern about SEO, then it is important to keep an eye these external links.

If you don’t want to use any plugins, the only possible way to add Nofollow to External Links is manually, but it’s not always easy to edit all old posts and pages. Hence plugins are mandatory to use which will automatically process all external links, below is the best WordPress plugins list to Add Nofollow to External Links.

1.WP External Links (nofollow new tab seo)

WP External Links (nofollow new tab seo) is one of the most popular WordPress plugins that helps to add automatically rel=”nofollow” to external links. This plugin comes with many features that will help to configure everything.

WP External Links (nofollow new tab seo)


  • Manage external and internal links
  • Open links in new window or tab
  • Add “follow” or “nofollow”
  • Add “noopener” and “noreferrer” (for security)
  • Add link icons (font icons: font awesome, dashicons)
  • Set other attributes like title and CSS classes
  • Scan complete page (or just posts, comments, widgets)
  • SEO friendly
  • Network Settings (WPMU support)
  • Use template tag to apply plugin settings on specific contents
  • Set data-attribute to change how individual links will be treated
  • Use built-in actions and filters to implement your specific needs
  • Easy to use

Click Here to Install WP External Links

2. External Links

The external links plugin for WordPress is a simple WordPress plugins options to add nofollow and target attribute to external links. Also, icons will be added to external links which can be overridden by adding a “no_icon” class manually.

External Links NoFollow plugin


Under Settings / External Links, you can configure the plugin to:

  • Process all outgoing links, rather than only those within your entries’ content and text widgets.
  • Add an external link icon to outgoing links. You can use a class=”no_icon” attribute on links to override this.
  • Add rel=nofollow to the links. (Note: You can use a rel=”follow” attribute on links to override this.)
  • Open outgoing links in new windows. Note that this can damage your visitor’s trust towards your site in that they can think your site used a pop-under.
  • Turn on “autolinks” functionality.
  • Domains/subdomains you wish to Exclude from processing.

Click Here to Install External Links

3.Nofollow for external link

Just simple, if you use this plugin, rel=nofollow and target=_blank will be inserted automatically, for all the external links of your website posts, pages or theme menus.

Nofollow for external link wordpress plugin


  • Add rel=nofollow for all the external links of your website posts / pages / menus.
  • Add target=_blank for all the external links of your website posts / pages / menus.
  • Support custom post type content.
  • Support WordPress multisite.
  • You can exclude domains, not to add rel=nofollow for the selected external links.
  • This plugin will not add rel=nofollow or target=_blank to any href=#read-more or href=#gotop type links.
  • This plugin will not add rel=nofollow or target=_blank any of the internal link on your website posts / pages.
  • If you already added rel=dofollow or rel=nofollow to any post manually, this plugin will not add rel=nofollow for that post.
  • If you already added target=_blank to any post manually, this plugin will not add target=_blank for that post.

Click Here to Install Nofollow for external link

Conclusion: There are some more plugins, which I have tested but those are not compatible with latest versions of WordPress and some are not up to date. So I am suggesting you, use any one of the plugins from this list.

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